At the turn of the century, the Restigouche River was the area where wealthy businessmen had the spirit of adventure. One of those individuals was Sir Izaac Walton Killam.  A Native of Nova Scotia, he was considered as one of Canada's wealthiest businessmen. Killam was among the very first Canadian to be part of the famous "Restigouche Salmon Club".  In 1911, he acquired the "Brunswick Lodge", which he named, and the rights to fish many salmon pools on the river.

Amongst the influential people of this era were the Duke and Duchesse of Windsor, local politicians, and famous businessmen of the last century. Sir Izaak Walton Killam and his wife Dorothy would receive guests in a relaxed atmosphere. The area was pristine, almost garden like with gardeners, chefs, and waiters who occupied the area east of the lodge.

After his death in 1955, the lodge was sold to various families over the years. Among those were:  Bensinger, Mill, Poley, Irving, Riley.

In 1999, Mrs. Suzanne Cormier purchased the lodge to keep the tradition and share this beautiful area. The Salmon Lodge Restaurant is reminiscent of these olden times.

Your hosts, Bernard and Suzanne would like to welcome you to the Salmon Lodge.  We hope you will enjoy our fine food, wine, and hospitality.  Be assured that in keeping the tradition, you are our special guests.